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How to Store Points and  line work in Field Genius using GNSS.

Field Genius is a universal Surveying Software Tool that has a multitude of different abilities to help with your day to day surveying needs.

This article aims to breakdown the steps required to complete different tasks. we will constantly be updating this article with useful tips and tricks and how to do different things within Field Genius.

Should what you are looking to achieve isn’t within this article please contact us and we will put together a relevant video for your needs.

The below video is the very first thing you will need to do when using Field Genius.



Have you ever wondered – How do I measure an off-set in Field Genius using a GNSS Receiver?

Well the next video will show you exactly how to do this step by step.

The reality of the surveying industry is that you and your company are going to have a multitude of different brands of hardware within your surveying fleet. When you face this kind of issue within an industry have a truly neutral software partner assists in being able to easily and quickly connect multiple different devices to the same software data source and start working seamlessly.

Field Genius is perfect for this application, as a software program that is a map driven data collection program with a variety of roading and surfacing functions for land survey. It features code-free 3D line drawing, Advanced total station controls and real time digital terrain modelling, along with real-time GPS support. This make Field Genius a top tier Land Surveying Software application that is user friendly, quick to understand and covers all the needs of any Land surveyor.



Keep your eyes on this post. As we come across relevant and helpful videos we will continue to update them here.


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