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Spectra 5.2XL with Soft Case

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Spectra Precision 5.2XL & Soft Carry Case

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The Spectra Precision® 5.2XL 5-Point and CrossLine Laser is an automatic self-levelling multi-purpose tool that can be used in a wide variety of construction applications. It eliminates the need for a contractor to purchase two tools – a 5 beam pointer and a crossline laser – by combining both into one simple small product. For interior building and remodelling, the laser is used for horizontal and vertical alignment, wall layout, acoustical ceiling installation, point transfer up and down, wall and floor tiles, finish carpentry, and 90 degree squaring. The 5.2XL laser is as easy to use as a hand tool and can replace a level, square, plumb bob, chalk line and optical instrument.

With the addition of the Spectra Precision HR250 Handheld Receiver, the 5.2XL is also ideal for short-range exterior general leveling and alignment tasks including elevation checks for decks, pools, septic tank installation, masonry work, and landscaping.

Features and Benefits:

    Automatic self-levelling assures accuracy and fast setup The industry’s brightest crossline laser for easy viewing in all conditions Easy-to-see 150° lines with a biased upwards beam that intersects the plumb up point for fast plumb alignment Water, mud, and shock resistant for improved reliability and minimal repair costs Durable unit with protective rubber moulding withstands a drop of up to 1 meter (3 feet) onto concrete and still maintains accuracy Exclusive 3-Year instant exchange warranty includes free exchange for the first 2 years Ships complete in a soft case with mounting accessories and target HR250 receiver can be added for exterior applications for maximum job site versatility


    Level, horizontal and vertical layout, square, and plumb Building, layout, and squaring of interior walls Acoustical ceiling installation Drywall track installation Cabinet and trim installation, finish carpentry General construction elevation control with HR250 receiver Septic tank installation Exterior building decks, patios, columns, and posts


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