GeoMax EzDig 1D S Excavator Guidance System

Excavator work has always been based on either intuitive guesswork or by using costly and difficult-to-install-and-operate machine control systems. GeoMax EzDig is the alternative.

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The new easy and accurate way to guide excavators.

 Geomax EzDig 1D Overview

The Geomax EzDig 1D Standard Excavator Guidance Machine Control System is a robust and easy-to-use receiver with one-function buttons for fast access to all features. It has five machines or 150 buckets calibration storage. With an accuracy of ±7/16 inch, this machine control receiver is perfect for construction applications, such as footings, foundations, drainage, trenches, pipe laying, tank settings, parking lots, roadwork and more.

With a remote LED display and sensor plates for easy detection, the EzDig 1D Standard provides the easiest setup and equipment operation for doing excavation projects. Simply put the bucket teeth on the reference point and enter the desired depth, slope or distance into the control box. Follow the LED indications and it’s done!

The Geomax EzDig 1D standard machine control receiver features a digital 2.6″ graphics display and easy-to-understand icons. For continuous operation, it utilizes a 12/28-volt system power and a solar charger. It has an operating temperature range of -4° to 158°F and an IP67 rating, making it ideal to use even in the toughest job site.

 Geomax EzDig 1D Features

  • Digital 2.6″ graphics display
  • Calibration storage: 5 machines/150 buckets
  • Rugged and compact design
  • Easy-to-understand and functional icons
  • The accuracy of ±7/16 inch
  • Included remote LED display and sensor plates
  • Eliminate checking and installation machine downtime
  • Used with excavators and backhoes
  • No more over cutting, costly fill materials and rework
  • No more time-consuming tape measurements
  • Save fuel, time and material
  • Solar battery charger
  • 12/28V system power
  • IP67 dust-proof and water resistant



Protection Class IP67
Type of Attachment 3M Adhesive Tape
Number of Sensors 2 x Boom & bucket angle sensors
Accuracy ±7/16 inches
Sensors Solar
Control Box 12/28V
Slope Distance Yes
Horizontal Distance Yes
Vertical Distance Yes
Inclination Yes
Control Box Standard
Remote Display Remote LED display
Cable Included
Operating Temperature -4° to 158° F (-20° to + 70°C)



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