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Trotec LTC3050 Route Locating System 50m

For underground construction work, the position and route of pipes and conduits is not always known or explicitly documented.

This often leads to significant damage to cables and pipes during excavation, which bring about considerable repair costs.

For indoor installations, the compact LTC systems are particularly valuable for determining pipe routes or locating defects.

Very stable pushing with small bending radii

The push cable profile of the LTC system consists of a special combination of fibreglass cores with integrated copper wires and a polypropylene protective sleeve, which combines the pushing stability of a stiff rod with the flexibility and small bending radius needed from experience.

Thus, the cable can also be hand-fed in complex, laid pipe systems quickly, easily and precisely.

Product features:

  • Fibreglass cable with a polypropylene sleeve, integrated copper wires, ø 3.0 mm
  • Robust and impact-resistant housing
  • Two in one: use for cable laying work and locating routes (cable puller and positioning devices)
  • Targeted detection and tracking of empty conduit courses or obstruction
  • Locating can be carried out by just one person working alone
  • Stable and flexible fibreglass push ­cable with a small bending radius
  • Slip ring for feeding the fibreglass ­cable even when the transmitter is closed
  • Replaceable slip ring (to spool out the strip in a connected status)
  • Because there are no moving external parts attached to the LTS housing, no dust or dirt particles can gather here to impair the function or durability.
  • The fibreglass cable can be repaired in the event of breakage – it is not necessary to replace the entire coil
  • Ideal for electrician, HKS-technicians, restructuring experts

Technical data:

  • ø Push cable / head of the probe: 3 mm / 7-10 mm
  • Push cable lenght: 50 m
  • Maximum detection depth: approx. 4 m (depending on the composition of the covering material)
  • Dimensions: 330 x 260 x 80 mm
  • Weight: 1.46 kg

other lenghts and diameters available upon request.

Standard package:

  • 1x LTC-coil
  • One spring guide headat both ø 7 mm and 10 mm
  • Five brass pulling heads with M5 threads and eyelet
  • One pulling and pushing tool
  • One cable pulling strap with swivel for ø 6-9 mm cables
  • Five brass rod ends with M5 threads
  • Three brass connection sleeves
  • One special fibreglass adhesive for repairing push cable
  • Operating instructions

additional accessories available upon request

ATTENTION: The respective location feature, that can transmit and receive at a frequency of 33 kHz, can only be used together with a transmitting and receiving unit which are not included in the scope of delivery (see recommended accessories).

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