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RD8200 Locator

Download RD8200 Brochure Here – rd8200-brochure-usa

Download RD8200 user Guide Here – rd8200-userguide

RD8200 Locator

4 Units in 1 The RD8200 Locator is the most advanced locator with optional on-board GPS, data logging, 5 diamond precision cut antennas and much more.

The professional’s choice in damage prevention, the RD8200 combines accurate, high end adaptable technology with an ergonomic design built for the user’s comfort. This next generation of precision locators is the gold standard of the industry.
Easy to set up and use, this locator is designed for noisy, challenging environments. A sunlight readable display, high output audio system and vibration alerts notify the user of all updates. Radiodetection’s TruDepth displays precise depth and current measurement to easily follow your targeted line. Current Direction tracks your target line amongst multiple parallel utilities with a specialized CD signal from a Tx-10 transmitter. Power Filters can isolate signals and determine one or multiple power sources when a transmitter is unavailable. Unwanted interference can be filtered out with patented Radiodetection systems.
Encourage better locating practices with tracked usage logging to save time and create better habits. With the RD 8200G, locate parameters are stored in GPS data to give a comprehensive view of every job.
Crafted in the U.K. the RD8200 is designed around operator needs and can be self-tested in seconds. This locator can work in extreme temperatures and is tested for longevity. Every purchase comes with a large knowledge base and support system provided by Radiodetection and backed by Cody Corporation.

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