XGrid Lixel L2 – Pointcloud Scanner


The XGrids Lixel L2 Handheld Lidar Scanner is on the leading edge of point cloud scanners with exceptional visualization.

View your pointcloud in real-time on your Android device as you scan.

Utilize the onboard cameras for high end colorization of the point cloud better than any other lidar scanner on the market.

The XGrids L2 Scanner is the only scanner that can create a Gaussian Splat utilizing only XGrids software.

Download the XGrids L2 Brochure Here – Lixel L2 Datasheet (1)

Lixel L2 is a new generation handheld 3D Real-time reconstruction device by XGRIDS.
Building upon the foundation of the L1 , the L2 has been upgraded to achieve a 300 Meter scan range with Ultra-high precision of 1.2cm accuracy.

It can instantly output colour point clouds without external devices, generating data that is thinner, purer and more uniform.

This brings about a transformation in the efficiency and quality of 3D modelling and reality capture.

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