6 Ways a Labour Hire Company Can Help Your Construction Firm

By Cody Corporation

6 Ways a Labour Hire Company Can Help Your Construction Firm

Running a construction firm can be a profitable business. With the increasing demand for construction and building services, the future of the industry remains optimistic. However, maintaining adequate staffing levels in a tight labour market is critical. Due to the temporary nature of each project, your staff, especially the manual labourers, can often come and go.

To address staff shortages, it can be beneficial to get the services of a construction labour-hire company. With their help, you can be assured that you’ll find the right candidates for every role. A labour-hire company can help you in many areas of staffing and labour supply, allowing you to keep your business running like clockwork. Here are just some of the ways how:

Saves you time from hiring new staff

The process of hiring new labourers for your construction project can be very exhausting and time-consuming. But with the help of a labour-hire company, you can skip all the tiring processes involved in staff hiring such as posting advertisements, evaluating CV’s, screening and shortlisting of candidates, as well as interviewing them. Just discuss with the labour-hire company what kind of skill sets you are looking for, and they will provide workers whose skills best fit with your specifications.

Provides a constant supply of skilled workers

Labour hire companies maintain a large pool of skilled workers. When a construction firm needs new people, a labour-hire company can introduce you to some of the skilled workers they already have on their books, who can assist you with your project requirements. The workers supplied by labour-hire companies are already vetted, briefed, and trained for the role.

Let’s you hire temporary staff, even at short notice

In some instances, one or more of your construction firm’s labourers may get injured while on the job or go on unexpected leave due to illness. To prevent project delays and a decrease in productivity, you can get in touch with a labour-hire company to send you workers who can temporarily fill in the vacant roles. Labour hire companies are well positioned to provide you with skilled workers even at short notice.

Backs you up during busy seasons

If you can’t find enough labourers during your firm’s busy seasons, you can fill in the missing roles by partnering up with a labour-hire company. They can help your construction firm supplement your permanent staff by calling in their skilled and qualified workers. This way, your labour force will be afforded the helping hand it needs to finish your construction project on time.

Reduces your administrative work

Even if your construction firm hires workers from a labour-hire company, they are not actually considered your employees. Hence, the one that will be doing all the administrative work related to employee management such as the provision of preliminary training, on-boarding, and payroll management will be the labour-hire company itself. The only thing you need to do is to provide supervision to your temporary staff while they’re working at the job site.

Helps you focus on more important tasks

Finally, a labour-hire company can help you focus on working on your business rather than in it. Instead of getting yourself stuck in the recruitment process, the labour-hire company will handle everything for you and provide you with the staff you need.

If your construction firm is on the lookout for short-term or long-term labourers, you can always depend on the assistance of a labour-hire company. With their large pool of skilled workers, you’re guaranteed to hire labourers with the right skill-sets for your project.

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