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Compuload On-Board Weighing Systems, Manage your stock better. Load as you go. Increase your productivity!

Cody Corporation are your experts in Survey, Construction, Monitoring & Machine Control fields.

If you find yourself looking for a solution to a problem or want to improve your productivity Cody Corporation has a solution just for you. With over 30 years experience within the industry and on the edge of new technology you can be sure Cody Corporation has something that can help improve your daily productivity.

Being a Family run business and based in South Australia you can be sure support and loyalty are top priorities for Cody Corporation’s staff and every solution is 100% trusted and quality equipment.

Cody Corporation won’t just provide you with a new piece of equipment or a daily solution package you can also be sure that our friendly staff will be there to support you all over Australia no matter where your next project takes you.

Cody Corporation

Core Values


Cody Corporation has been in the industry for 30 Years and knows every business has its problems that require solutions. Ensuring you have a good relationship with your solution provider is essential and this trust is built through loyalty and providing the right solution not just looking for a quick sale.

Research & Development

Ensuring you are on the cutting edge of technology that is both reliable and has a necessity in the market is essential for any business. Cody Corporation is always trialing the newest equipment and solutions to keep up with the changes in the market and make sure you dont fall behind in the field.

Brand Awareness

Cody Corporation has been around long enough to have seen brands come and go. We ensure all our products are trusted within the market and Cody Corporation is able to support & warrant them for years to come so you aren’t left high and dry a few years down the track after purchasing your latest piece of equipment.

Right Solution at the Right Price

No matter where you fall within the industry here at Cody Corporation we will do our best to provide you with the right solution for your specific problem within your suitable budget. We know how hard it is to run a business and stay profitable so Cody Corporation ensures our customers are our first priority and not the sale.

Technical Support & Trained Staff

Half the battle of business today is being expected to remember everything about all of your pieces of equipment. Cody Corporation knows this isnt a feasible solution so we ensure we always have the right trained staff in the right areas to ensure no matter what your problems are we will always be available to help.

Cody Corporation

Cody Corporation is the exclusive distributor for a wide range of international manufacturers of laser, surveying and optical equipment. We endeavour to provide the highest quality products and service.

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