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Structural Monitoring Systems

Effectively monitor changes in the integrity of High Rise Buildings, Bridges, Dams and Rail Lines. Our advanced system provides real time data monitoring and alerts to any connected device.

3D Machine Control

In todays era of earthmoving, Minimising Downtime, Reducing Double Handling & Completing Jobs Safer and Faster is more important than ever before. A 3D Machine Guidance System can help with all of these things.  

Survey Equipment

A Surveyor requires quality precision equipment that is capable and dependable on a daily basis. Robotic Total Stations, GNSS Base & Rover’s, all your Prisms, Accessories and Consumable are avaiable right here. 

Grade & Laser Levels

Construction companies require quality tools to be used daily and in various applications. We only provide quality equipment that we guarantee will complete the job required. 



Every quality tradie needs a quality tool, check out the latest lasers and levelling equipment and get it right the first time.


Every Surveyor needs quality tools. Total Stations, Optical Instruments, Prisms, Targets and everything in between we have you covered. 

Machine Control

If you are Digging, Grading or Moving dirt in some fashion a Machine Control System can make your job, Quicker, Easier and Save you Money.  

Underground Locators

Whether your looking to locate Magnetic Pins, Underground Services and Cables we have a selection of Asset & Magnetic Locators for you. 

Pipe Inspection Systems 

From small domestic pipes, to huge Commercial sewer, storm water, and draining pipes, we have cameras for all applications. 

Structural Health Monitoring

From Bridges, High Rise Buildings, Tunnels and much more, Cody has patented technology to make your structural health monitoring jobs alot easier.

On-Board Weighing Systems

Every machine has a need for a weighing capability, Front End Loader, Backhoe, Skid Steer & Forklift. We have a system for all. 


No matter what your application is a good GNSS receiver is a must. Our range has every aspect covered. We guarantee to have the right receiver for your job. 


Field Software is one of the most important tools for any Surveyor, We have a huge range of different software to make sure you have the right equipment for the job. 


Total Stations are the go to tool for every surveyor. There are various brands on the market which all have slightly different abilities. Each has access to their own specific form of software which allow surveyors to do their daily jobs effectively. Click here to read more about the differences between these highly accurate pieces of equipment. 


GNSS Equipment is used all over the construction site, Surveyors, Earthmovers and Construction companies all have daily uses for these highly accurate and portable pieces of equipment. From checking levels to minimise double handling, to staking out sites before the start of construction these tools are used everywhere.


Something new to the monitoring world is the ability to monitor the movement of a structure reliably, remotely and accurately whenever you require. With the improvment in technology over the last few years coupled with heavy research and development this technology is primed for the future.


Every good earthmover wants to minimise downtime, this is done by reducing the amount of time your machines are not operational. Machine Gudiance systems allow the operator to check levels, reference their job design quickly and easily and be able to accurately dig the correct level the first time. This minimises mistakes and double handling. 

About Cody Corporation

Cody Corporation is South Australia’s leading Construction Solution Experts we can make your Job Easier, Save you Time and Money. We are the exclusive distributor of a wide range of international manufacturers of Lasers, Surveying Equipment, Machine Guidance Systems and everything in between.

We are a family run business based in Adelaide and have been serving the Construction, Earthmoving and Surveying Industries for over 30 Years. Our web store is more then just a online marketplace, we offer Total Solutions and Expert Support so Contact us today to see how we can help. 


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Bear 3 Dot Red Beam Laser

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Devon 600mm Digital Level

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Devon 1200mm Digital Level

$ 90.00

MR240 Laser Machine Receiver

$ 771.82

Bear Polar HV Laser Level

$ 999.00

Geomax Zone 20H With Pro Receiver

$ 863.64

Schonstedt Spot Magenetic Locator

$ 908.18

ProShot Alpha 1 Laser Level

$ 635.45

Spectra Precision LL300N

$ 1495.00

Bear Genno Rod III

$ 35.45

Bear Tripod Flat Heavy Duty Compact Aluminium

$ 62.73

Schonstedt GA52 Magnetic Locator

$ 999.09

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