Cody Corporation – Australian SECO Distributor

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Cody Corporation is now an Australian distributor for Seco Surveying Equipment


SECO is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of surveying and global positioning equipment accessories. In this competitive niche market SECO has gained a reputation for quality and innovation.


In the late 1940s Ivan Ogden of Sacramento, California created Ogden Surveying Equipment Company (OSECO). Ivan’s son, Paul, grew up around his father’s business and over the years learned about surveying and about running a business; these were skills that would later prove to be invaluable. Paul Ogden moved north to Redding, California in 1965, opened his own surveying retail store and within a short time opened other stores in Oregon and Idaho.

SECO Manufacturing was established in 1977 in response to demand for new accessories used with the emerging electronic distance measuring systems market.

In 1980 Paul Ogden phased out the retail stores in favor of manufacturing and wholesale distribution of high quality surveying products.

In the summer of 2008, Trimble Navigation added SECO to its family of companies.


SECO Manufacturing Company offers a wide variety of accessory products used with surveying instruments, GPS, GIS, and construction equipment. These include telescopic poles, carrying cases, backpacks, GPS antenna poles, surveying instrument tripods, prism systems for use with electronic distance meters, construction levels, and leveling rods.

SECO products are sold through a world-wide network of instrument dealers and distributors and also as custom-built, private-labeled products for OEMs.


SECO’s 82,500 square-foot plant is home to our team of over 100 full-time professionals. The plant houses our corporate headquarters, customer service team, engineering, research and development, and a complete manufacturing facility. The facilities include anodizing, electrostatic powder-painting, and silk-screening departments, as well as a state-of-the-art machine shop.

Customer service is more than a mission statement at SECO, it is the way this company does business.

SECO’s other facilities include a manufacturing complex in Tecate, Mexico and a warehousing facility in Tecate, California.

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