Codygnss G970 

The Newest Receiver In Cody Corps GNSS Line up 

Accurate, Affordable, Dependable

CodyGNSS G970 ZX

The G970 ZX has the ability to measure points using tilt compensation, allowing measurement of difficult to reach points.

CodyGNSS G970 H

Has all the same specifications and features of the G970 ZX minus the tilt compensation ability.
Helping You Complete Your Jobs Faster & Easier

Increase Your Productivity, Take The Next Step Forward.

Equipped with a new generation of high precision positioning boards the G970 Series Receivers can connect to 700 channels, have connection to all constellations, Improved signal strength by 30% and Dual hot swappable batteries for long term continous use in the field.

New Generation of Athena RTK Engine

Support Atlas L-Band Signal Receiving

Support aRTK Technology


The G970 GNSS Receivers are accurate and easy to use RTK rovers. Each receiver utalises the cutting edge of GNSS technology to ensure your work is as accurate as possible.


Each GNSS Receiver is affordable for every industry allowing you to take the next step forward to better increase your work flow and allow you to move into new fields of work.

Fast & Reliable

The G970 Receivers are designed to measure a large number of points effectively. It allows you to measure hundreds of points within minutes. This reduces site revisits and errors in measurement.


Each G970 is open sourced and able to connect to most Software & Hardware you currently own. This allows for easy interconnectivity between software packages, departments and companies on jobs.

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