CodyRTK Network Coverage

By Cody Corporation

Recently Cody Corporation attended the Adelaide SSSI Event in which we were advertising and showing of our increased RTK Network coverage.

After striking up a partnership deal with Geoscience Australia, Cody Corporation is now able to offer 95% coverage Australia wide on our CodyRTK network, this is in line with the most extensive RTK networks around Australia. We are proud of our partnership with Geoscience Australia and our strength of our network and being able to provide an increased functionality to our extensive customer base who currently use the network.

Below is a link to the current operational Base Stations Geoscience Australia has operational in which our network uses as part of its RTK Coverage. Cody Corporation has had its CodyRTK Network operational for 5 years now in which we have made extensive strides to strengthen the coverage, increase the user data base and decrease downtime due to technical issues.

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SUPPORT: Cody Corporation offers an extensive support line for the use of its RTK network, this means that we have a dedicated team that monitors the stations activity and ensures you receive high priority support.

PRICE AND AFFORDABILITY: Cody Corporation offers a highly affordable RTK Solution, this allows you to maximise your money within your business, Whilst still receiving precision accuracy required for your jobs.

PERFORMANCE: CodyRTK is capable of transmitting a RTK Signal up to 50km from each base station, this provides the extensive network coverage with increased performance.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: With 2.5cm Pass to Pass Accuracy, 2.5cm Repeatable Accuracy and GLONASS Enabled. You can be sure that you are getting the best quality RTK Network possible.

Cody Corporations Australia Wide Coverage Map.

For all new customers Cody Corporation is offering

1 MONTH FREE trial.

This will allow you to trial the network and see just how good the coverage and stability is within Australia.


If your interested in subscribing to CodyRTK Please message us below and we will be in touch to provide you with you required login details.

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