Introducing Spectra Precision DR400

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We are pleased to announce the release of the Spectra Precision® DR400 DigiRod  –  eliminating the need for grade rods when checking grades with a rotating laser. The all-in-one combination of a laser receiver with digital readout, laser distance meter, and built-in tilt sensor provide the information required to take rod-less, accurate grade readings, even at tilt angles up to 30 degrees.

The DigiRod emulates all rod types including Direct Reading (Lenker), Cut/Fill and Indirect grade rods up to 6 m (20 ft) long. The user simply places the laser distance meter spot on the location a grade check is required, picks up the rotating laser beam anywhere on the reception window, and the distance from ground to the rotating beam is measured and displayed. Errors due to rod math and out of plumb grade rods are eliminated. The rod-less grade checking system increases safety as workers do not have to climb down in trenches or lean over unstable excavation edges to obtain elevations.

As a stand-alone laser distance meter, the DigiRod is designed to give contractors a one-person distance measuring and estimating tool to measure remote and difficult-to-reach places such as high overheads, factory interiors, or over water.

The Laserometer provides a large LCD screen that gives a bright, clear digital readout of elevation and has 5 accuracy selections to match any job site tolerance requirement.


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