Mobile Weighing Service

Weigh before you go

Whats Included?

Cody Corporation has been providing weighing solutions for over 30 years. From on-board weighing systems to our easy to use Weighing Pads for monitoring Trucks, trailers and Caravans.

We can weigh the following:

Caravans & Holiday Homes

Trucks & Trailers

Car Trailers, Boat Trailers & Cars

Mobile Weighing Service


$ 330/Per Job

Not Including regional travel


Weigh all vehicles


Trailers, Caravans, Trucks & More


Manage your load & Avoid Fines

How do we weigh your Vehicles?

On-Board Weighing Systems

We have a range of quality on-board weighing systems which are easily installed and even easier to use for all your Heavy Machinery & Trucks.

Portable Weighing Solutions

Cody Corporation has a variety of Portable Weighing Solutions for weighing all types of vehicles from your Caravan, Trailer, Truck and More

Truck & Forklift Systems

Are you moving items within a warehouse or loading up trucks for interstate trips? Cody Corporation has a suitable and reliable weighing system for all occasions.
Mobile Weighing Pads
Accurate Pads
Measure Anywhere
Any Surface
On-Board Systems
Weigh Your Load
Truck Systems
On-Board System

Accurate Pads

Measure the weight of any vehicle with ease, quickly and accurately.

Any Surface

Measure on the side of the road, a garage, or anywhere you are located. Making staying legal easier than ever before.

Weigh Your Load

With an on-board weighing system you will be able to weigh any load you have at any point in time. Quickly and easily.

On-Board System

Having a weighing system on-board will allow you to always ensure you are within legal limits. Never overload again and avoid those on road fines.

Additional Information

No matter what you are wanting to measure the weight of Cody Corporation has a solution or service for you.

Our experienced staff will be able to measure the weight of yourTruck, Car, Trailer, Caravan and more before you head onto the road to ensure you are within legal limits and avoid on road fines.

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