ProShot AS2 Single Grade Laser

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The AS2 single grade self-levelling laser features 2mm @ 30m accuracy, and single dial in grade accurate to 0.01%. It’s a Class 2 laser, made in California and comes with a 3 year warranty.

This product is now obsolete 

Proshot AS2 Single Grade Laser

The Pro Shot AS2 Single Grade Laser is fully automated self-levelling laser level.

Many other lasers in its price range don’t offer self-levelling control while in grade mode, or are a horizontal laser with an added manual over ride system. These systems with up and down arrows are not accurate enough to meet the requirements of many grade applications.

The AS2 Single Grade Laser is a a true automatic grade laser.

Simply set up the AS2 on a tripod, aligned in the direction of the grade, and then dial in the desired percentage.

If you don’t know the % grade to be dialled into the AS2, it can be easily calculated:

(Amount of fall / Length) x 100, e.g. 1m fall divided by 500m, multiplied by 100 = 0.2%

Pro Shot’s AS2 grade lasers are designed and manufactured in the USA. They feature machine control capability and deliver an unmatched combination of performance and price.

They are commonly used in Australia by civil and bitumen contractors, earth movers, pipe and drainage crews and farm drainage contractors.

The Pro Shot AS2 comes standard with a 3 year warranty.

Proshot AS2 Single Grade Laser Product features

  • – Electronic servo driven horizontal self-levelling
  • – Automatic self-levelling dial-in single grade, 0-25% grade range
  • – 0.01% grade increments
  • – Elevation height alert turns the laser off if bumped, knocked or disturbed
  • – Cross axis self-levelling when laser is used in grade slope mode
  • – Alkaline or re-chargeable NiMH battery power options
  • – 3 year warranty
  • – The most economical dial-in automatic grade laser available on the market


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