CodyGNSS G970 H GNSS Receiver

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G970II-H Bruchure


CodyGNSS G970 H GNSS Receiver Features 

Tilt Measurement 2.0 

The CodyGNSS G970 H GNSS Receiver With the new tilt measurement algorithm, you can easily achieve the coordinate acquisition of the tilt measurement simply by shaking the centring bar.

Combined Antenna 

The new combined antenna, GNSS, WIFI, Bluetooth and 4G set are integrated, and the wireless signal is better. The GNSS satellite signal to noise ratio is improved by 2DB on average and the RTK performance in a complex environment is even better.

Intelligent Base Station 

After the base station is started, if a position offset occurs, the mobile station can be notified via the differential link to alert the customer and the power of the base station can the star search status can also be displayed.

Web UI 2.0

The new design of the new generation of Web UI interface, simple and beautiful, powerful, through the mobile phone or computer browser to achieve host settings, status view, data download, firmware upgrades and other operations, so that RTK operations such as the internet is generally simple.

Intelligent Voice

Real-Time voice broadcast solution mode, data link status, TTS Voice support user DIY settings, to create RTK personal secrets for measuring users.

Private Cloud, Faster and Safer

Unicloud’s private measurement cloud service, remote device commissions, status sharing, coordinate system sharing and job site feedback enable the perfect integration of field measurement and internal office processing. users can deploy private services and ensure data security.






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