Compuload CL320 Forklift Weighing System

The Basic Forklift Scales from Compuload, Entry level price point allows for accurate and effective measurement of loads. Avoid overloading trucks and getting those Overloading Fines.

CL320 Forklift Weighing System

A CL320 Forklift Weighing System can save time and money by turning weighing into a one-step operation. The weighing system is built into the Forklifts hydraulic lift lines. So, you get an accurate weight reading simply by lifting the front mask / tynes at constant speed to a pre-determined marked high point then bleed off to a pre-determined low point to obtain a weigh reading when weighing with a hydraulic weighing system. For higher accuracy weighing Compuload offers the LCFS (Load Cell Forklift Scale) system unlike a hydraulic weighing system the LCFS uses two x loadcell modules that interface between the forklifts carriage and tynes and simply weighs via dead weight. All that is needed is to pick up the pallet from ground level and weigh you will be able to achieve accuracies that rival a platform scale, NMI trade approved options are available. Eliminates the risk to overload loaded trucks, pallet racking, improve OH&S as well as obtain an accurate weighing for the dispatching of goods etc. The machine operator can control all the weighing operations from a scale terminal mounted in the cab.

1. Helps you confirm to the Chain of Responsibility laws ensuring you do not overload trucks when dispatching goods.

2. Improves safety by not overloading pallet racking.

3. Ensures you gain the maximum effecticany within your operation etc by reducing truck movements and loading correctly thus increasing your efficiency. No more weighbridge turn arounds or overloaded trucks.

4. Seven models to choose from depending on requirements from Basic to Highly Advanced options with data storage management and USB downloading capabilities. Plus, One NMI approved system.

5. A Compuload Fork Lift weighing system will pay for itself quickly by reducing loader movements saving fuel, tyres, general maintenance and with the correct loading of Trucks. In short your operation will be become more efficient & profitable.


  • Designed for forklift , skid steer and small front end loader use
  • Easy to read backlight LCD display
  • Avoid overloading
  • -10 to 50º operating temperature range
  • RS232 for basic printing (Printer hardware optional)
  • Zero & tare facility
  • Totalizing  function
  • Kg & LB weighing options
  • Capactive keypad
  • Accuracy ±1-2% of FS
  • Waterproof Ideal for use in outdoor weighing applications
  • Simple operation
  • Avoid overloading
  • Check weigh goods
  • RS232 for basic printing (Printer hardware optional)
  • Optional NiCad rechargeable battery version for electric forklifts

The Compuload CL320 forklift weighing system is the ideal partner for all outdoor weighing applications when being used in conjunction with Forklifts, Skid Steers & Small Front End Loaderscombines  innovation in industrial design and  engineering excellence to create a  scale that is ideal for use in food processing, automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical  or wet weighing applications or weighing applications that require reliable operation in Harsh environment conditions.  Constructed of a high tech plastic alloy that is:

  • Food grade
  • Chemical resistant
  • Temperature resistant
  • Impact resistant

The double “O” Ring seal  which provides  superior performance over traditional stainless steel enclosures.  The IP69K rating is the industry’s highest environmental protection rating, designed to withstand cleaning with high pressure water jets to 1400psi at high temperatures up to 80°C from multiple angles.  With two power options – 12-24 VDC standard plus optional NiCad rechargeable battery option which negates the need to use a DC power convertor to reduce the power supply back to 12-24 VDC makes this Compuload 500 ideal for electric forklifts.


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