Construction Site Vibration Monitoring Kit

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Move Solution Vibration monitoring Sensors are completely wireless with over 2 years battery life, Easy to install and transmit data every 2 minutes through the use of our LoRaWAN Gateway. Get your Construction Site monitoring Solution today.

Available for:

Purchase and Rental

Construction Site Vibration Monitoring Kit as standard includes:

  • 2 x Vibrometers
  • 1 Gateway
  • 1 Portal Access Login


Monitor your Construction Site for Vibration Levels

Avoid excessive Vibration from occurring during Demolition Projects, Construction Projects, Rail Infrastructure, Building Sites and Tunnel Construction. Protect your liability by monitoring your site vibration levels and ensuring your team is not breaching vibration threshold which could lead to:

  • Crack Formation
  • Building Destabilization
  • Legal Battles
  • External Impact on Residential or Commercial buildings
  • Maintain Site Safety
  • Monitor Degradation and Equipment Deterioration


Our Vibration Monitoring Solution will enable you to

  • Monitor Heritage sites for excessive crack formation or increase
  • Monitor Bridges for increase movement
  • Monitor Building Sites for destabilization
  • Monitor Tunnel Crack formation

Wireless Data Collection

Our Vibrometers are simple to install and transmit all data wirelessly through our LoRaWAN Gateway. with our simple 4 step process you can be up and running and monitoring you whole construction site within minutes without needing to leave the office.


Step 1:

Purchase, Hire or Rent a Vibration Monitoring Kit from Cody Corporation or our local distribution partners

Step 2:

Install Vibrometer on Building, Structure or Construction Site Ground  you are wanting to monitor the vibration levels for.

Installation can be permanent, semi permanent or temporary depending on structure and duration of monitoring. Vibration Monitoring Plate comes with Ground Mounting Spikes

Step 3:

Mount Gateway on Site Hut, Secure Building or a location with access to power.

If no power access is available Solar Power Box can be supplied for an additional cost.

Step 4:

Access Move Solutions Portal to start receiving Vibrational Data and set up Alarming Levels.



Less Data More Information

Utilizing our online monitoring portal you can be sure the data collected from our Vibrometer and any of our monitoring sensors is collected, crunched and displayed in an easy to understand format for anyone to pick up and work with.

Act Fast With Instant Information

Put in place thresholds which if broken send alerts to particular team members instantly alerting them of the threshold break and action can be taken to prevent major failure, site degradation or potential legal battles.

Structure and Deformation Monitoring

Utilizing our range of Structural health Monitoring Sensors you can adapt up to 25 sensors per gateway to your monitoring fleet. Monitor everything from Vibration, Accelerations, Tilt, Crack Increase and Dynamic Oscillation across all of your infrastructure projects.

Help understand the life cycle of your high value assets and determine pre-emptive repair works to avoid major structural deformation.


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