Flexible Trace Push Rod – 4.5mm x 80M

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Bear Flexible Trace Push Rod

The bear rodders are highly durable and exceptional for quality for all your underground service locating requirements.

The Range of fiberglass duct rods comes in four diameters – 4.5mm, 6mm & 9mm are all embedded with one 0.6mm copper trace wire and 11mm is embedded with two 0.6mm copper trace wires

All our fiberglass duct rodders are manufactured from pultruded fiberglass strands jacketed with a tough polypropylene coating to give a unique combination of strength and durability

The Bear rodders are available in a variety of different lengths and sizes depending on your requirements.

Dispenser OD (mm) Conduit Size (mm) Thread 60m 80m 100m 120m 125m 150m 200m 250m 300m 350m 400m
FTR-4.5 4.5 <50 [M5] 4.5060 4.5080 4.5100
FTR-6 6 50-80 [M6] 6060 6080 6100 6120 6150 6200
FTR-9 9 80-100 [M6] 9100 9125 9150 9200 9250
FTR-11 11 100-150 [M8] 11100 11125 11150 11200 11250 11300 11350 11400

The rod is supplied complete with brass male threaded ends, screw on bullet pulling eye and fitted to a sturdy zinc plated steel frame with transport locking brake.

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