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G990 GNSS Receiver

G990 GNSS Receiver is one of our newest arrivals in 2020, available August 2020. Packed with a high power internal TX/RX Radio

Download the brochure here – G990II-2020 (002)

G990 GNSS Receiver Specifications

The new G990 GNSS Receiver is the replacement receiver for the G10 GNSS Receiver

This new receiver comes with the following specifications and available from August 2020. 

High power internal TX/RX radio

Build in Trm600 high power station, 7W peak power, 12km work range. Protocol are fully compatible

Super capacity smart battery

The largest 13600mAh high performance battery, automatically adjust the power supply, effectively extend the battery life.

Capsule design 2.0

Magnesium alloy material, independent warehouse structure. Line, radio, board, motherboard, and battery are separated to prevent electromagnetic cross talk and ensure optimal signal quality.

Smart touch screen

Industrial-grade high-brightness touch screen, the field environment is clearly visible. Cancel the physical keys, and easily achieve full information display and full function settings by simply sliding up, down, left and right.

Combined antenna

The new combination antenna integrates GNSS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and 4G. The wireless signal is better, the signal-to-noise ratio of GNSS satellites is increased by 2dB on average, and the RTK performance in complex environments is superior.

Tilt Survey 3.0

IMU+ Fusion Positioning Technology click point is measure point 。 No calibration required any more, 400Hz Real-Time correction. Tilt 60°, 2cm Tilt accuracy

Intelligent base station

Real-time reminder of base station offset, real-time display of base station position and power, base station can be controlled in real time without human attendance.

Type-C Port

Type-C interface, support positive and negative plug, compatible with PD fast charge protocol, standard 45W PD fast charger, fast charging, improve efficiency, and two-in-one charging & data transmission, the cable is more versatile.


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