Harxon 3D Choke Ring Antenna HX-CGX601A

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Harxon 3D Choke Ring Antenna HX-CGX601A

High Performance Multi-constellation Antenna with Revolutionary Design


Harxon HX-CGX601A is a high performance GNSS antenna for base station that covers comprehensive GNSS support: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou as well as L-Band correction service. It is a 3D choke ring antenna with strong multipath suppression performance, specifically designed for applications require absolute positioning accuracy and multi-constellation support.

Key Features

High Phase Center Stability
The unique 3D choke ring design of HX-CGX601A ensures an excellent multipath reduction performance. And the antenna features Harxon patented multi-point feeding technology to achieve greater phase center stability.

Tracking in Challenging Environments
The strong ability to receive low elevation signals with high gain and wide beam width makes HX-CGX601A an excellent choice for tracking visible satellites and provide stable and precision GNSS data.

Strong Anti-interference Performance
The antenna LNA features an excellent out-of-band rejection performance, which can suppress the EMI, providing the stability and reliability of GNSS signals.

More Ruggedized for Long Lasting Durability
The IP67 ruggedized cover is made of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer(GFRP) material. The newly designed choke rings are treated with a more robust double treatment for longer lasting durability in harsh environments.

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