Thermohygrometer Trotec BC20

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A high-quality sensory system and a variety of measuring functions make the BC20 the ideal climate measuring device for use in the home, the office, the workshop and for countless hobbies.

The relative humidity and the temperature are the decisive factors that not only affect how we feel at home, in the office and at the workplace, but also determine whether storage conditions are optimal or not and whether there is a real risk of rust or mould forming.

The BC20 is also equipped with an integrated dew point temperature measurement function which means that you have all the information you need to perform your comprehensive building climate checks.

The shockproof, unbending stainless steel sensor is built to stand up to the rigours and demands that air condition­ing engineers face in the field. In addition, the BC20 is equipped with a variety of different functions which enable the user to carry out wet bulb measurements, for example, making it ideal for use in the planning phase and while carrying out performance checks on climate and ventilation systems.


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