Moisture Meter Trotec BM15

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 The BM15 moisture meter, which is incredibly easy to use, is ideal for the quick and reliable determination of the moisture content of wood and building materials using the resistance principle.

Its fields of application include the determining of the moisture content of timber or firewood or soft bulding materials like plaster, stucco or screed. There is also a reference adaptor built into the protective cap to check the battery status and to perform function checks.

The calibrating curve installed in the meter for wood moisture measurements corresponds to the average of all the relevant types of wood found in Europe on the basis of a wood temperature of 20 °C.

  • PRACTICAL ADVANTAGES: Wood and material moisture measurements with one instrument Dual scale for wood moisture and material moisture With protective cap and clip Ready for immediate use Automatic function and battery test

Whether quality inspections for construction experts, housing associations, wood-working operations, or residual moisture checks on firewood  the compact T60 offers many possible applications and is impressive in its simplicity of operation:

take off the protective cap  insert the electrodes into the material thats all.

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