Air Quality Monitor Trotec BZ25

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Trotec BZ25 CO‚ Air Quality Meter

Measures the quality of the air in your room efficiently and reliably

Many of us spend up to 90 % of our lives indoors. And because buildings have become better insulated, contaminants which used to somehow find a way of escaping to the outside now remain locked inside with detrimental effects on the quality of the air that we breathe.

Increased carbon dioxide concentrations  even when they are within the legal limits can not only cause tiredness, lack of concentration or a drop in performance, they can also seriously affect the health of the rooms occupants, especially if the occupants are weak or elderly or if they are small children.

The BZ25 can monitor the quality of room air efficiently and reliably, making it the ideal for use in the home, the office, in playrooms, in school classrooms, kindergartens, offices and production facilities.

  • BENEFITS IN PRACTICE: Accurate and long-term stable NDIR measuring of carbon dioxide concentrations in the room air Simultaneous display of CO‚ values, room temperature, relative humidity, time and date Minimum and maximum value function for CO‚, air temperature and relative humidity Carbon dioxide-alarm function with warning tone and selectable threshold values Additional CO‚ indicator symbol Large, crystal clear display with easy-to-read measuring values Excellent value for money

Thanks to the more accurate and long-term stable NDIR measuring method, the BZ25 can not only measure the air temperature and the relative humidity, but also the carbon dioxide concentra­tion of the room in ppm before presenting it on the large, easy-to-read display.

You can also select your own individual CO‚ alarm threshold, which when execeeded will trigger an acoustic warning tone.

The CO‚ indicator on the BZ25s display is a much-welcomed added benefit: the straightforward symbol shows you, along with the time and date, whether the carbon dioxide concentration in the air of the room you are in is good, normal or bad.

Technical Data
Article No. 3.510.205.014
Carbon dioxide Sensor NDIR sensor (non-dispersive infrared)
Measuring range 0 to 9,999 ppm CO
Resolution (accuracy) 1 ppm (±75 ppm or ±5 % of the measuring value)
Temperature Measuring range -5 °C to +50 °C (32 °F to 120 °F)
Resolution (accuracy) 0.1°C (±0,5 °C)
Relative humidity Measuring range 0.1 % RH to 99.9 % RH
Resolution (accuracy 0.1 % RH (max. ±3 % RH)
Measuring interval 2 seconds
Functions Real-time display, minimum and maximum value for CO, temperature and relative humidity; time and date, CO indicator; CO‚ alarm function; temperature display in °C and °F; backlit display
Power supply 230 V mains adapter
Dimensions / Weight 110 x 105 x 61 mm / 74 g
Scope of delivery Measuring device, mains adapter, operating instructions


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