Trupulse 200i

$2,075.00 + GST

Enhanced with improved accuracy and simplified operation – making this your must have tool!


The TruPulse® 200i laser modernizes the TruPulse 200 with a streamlined intuitive interface and offers the user increased accuracy in measurements.

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i-Series rangefinders are made to measure from the ground up. The TruPulse 200i is capable of 50% higher distance accuracy and 60% higher inclination accuracy than the previous TruPulse 200 model while increasing the overall effective range by 25%. Faster target acquisition speeds and new feedback features boost confidence in each measurement.

Be confident for every measurement with faster target acquisition speeds and visual, audible, and tactile feedback from the laser for each shot. Bluetooth Dual Mode expands connection capabilities making this tool even more versatile for any workflow. Challenging targets are no match for the ultra-bright HUD with 5 brightness levels to work in any lighting condition. This laser rangefinder is built to work as hard as you do with a lightweight and strong magnesium chassis, and rubber-armored aluminum housing giving it 100% waterproof rating.

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