Rail Monitoring

When it comes to monitoring Railway’s, Bridges and other expensive infrastructure Cody Corporation & Move Solutions have revolutionary Dynamic and Static Monitoring Sensors and Portal Algorithms which allow you to monitor remotely the changes which occur during daily use. 

Structural Monitoring

Monitor your world differently and more affordably than ever before.

Static & Dynamic

All of our solutions for Railway monitoring are either Dynamic using our DECK Sensors or Static using our Tilt & Accelerometers Sensors.

Custom Made Algorithms

When it comes to monitoring we have different algorithms for different applications. Railway monitoring, Bridge Monitoring, Static Deflection, and other applications.

Railway Monitoring

Monitor Rail Lines

With the use of our Tilt Beams & Tilt Sensors you will be able to monitor the change in, Cant crosslevel change, Track displacement and Rail Twisting which may be occuring.

Dynamic Monitoring

Ballast Monitoring

Being able to monitor the Dynamic change that occurs as a train passes over a piece of track is invaluable. This will aid in trail load limits, rework and construction warranties and being able to determine safe use of your asset.

Railway Monitoring

Safely, and Consistently Monitor your assets

Cloud Storage

Using LoraWAN Technology you will have access to historical and present data no matter what you are wanting to monitor.

Focus Areas & Problem Aspects

When you have an expensive piece of infrastructure with a known fault, hone in your monitoring on this section to ensure public safety while your asset is in use.

Portal Algorithms

Depending on what you are monitoring we have different algorithms which allow you to monitor your structures for the faults that may occur and alert you 24 / 7 if they do happen.

Control What you see

Change between different displays for each asset.

We have customisable solutions to effectively monitor all types of infrastructure. If you are monitoring various different structures you are able to flick between your algorithms to view the data for each asset easily. We are also able to completely integrate our platform into your current monitoring platform for ease of use.

Alarm Functionality

Get Alterts in real-time 24/7

In case of an emergency due to structural failure our platform will send out live alerts which will notify you 24 / 7 when an event exceeds the allowed thresholds.

Monitor remotely 24 / 7

Immediate Notification

Let the sensors be on call, not you!!

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If you are looking to monitor your world differently than we have the technology, the software and the support to provide you with a more affordable and revolutionary way to monitor in Australia.

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