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Locating your assets before you dig

Whats Included?

Cody Corporations experienced underground Locator Experts will come to your site big or small and locate the underground assets that you are working in proximity of.

We will attempt to locate all of the following services:

Underground Water Pipes

Power & Radio Cables

NBN & Telecom Cables

Gas Pipes & Mains

Basic Service Locating


$ 300/First Hour

First Hour Rate


Not including travel


Locate and highlight Services


Can provide GIS Mapping Overlay for additional fee


Using market leading equipment

What Services Can We Locate

Gas & Water Pipes

Construction Sites have varying ages of Pipes Located underground. Cody Corporation can attempt to locate Gas & Water Pipes using multiple methods.

NBN & Telecom Cables

Recent NBN Pits have been installed across the state but not always easy to locate after installation. Cody Corporation can accurately highlight the location of these cables before you dig.

Power Cables

The most commonly hit and hardest and most damgerous underground asset. before you start your excavation works contact us to come help locate your power cables to avoid any damgerous digging.

Equipment Used
Locate all over South Australia
No where is to far
Over 30 Years Experience
Location Experts
Trainer & Certified Staff
Yearly Training


Cody Corporation only uses the best equipment on the market to provide our customers with the best experience and most accurate information to dig with.

No where is to far

Cody Corporation can locate underground assets all over the state. a travel fee is applied for jobs outside the local metro area. Contact us today to get a quote.

Location Experts

Cody Corporation has been providing our customers with our expertise for over 30 years. We have been around a long time and seen the change in technology and make sure we stay up with current methods.

Yearly Training

Cody Corportion ensures our staff are always trained and up to date with the newest tactics, equipment and certifications.

Additional Information

Locating underground assets isnt always a perfect science. Sometimes assets are difficult to locate due to various reasons. Cody Corporation will exhaust all methods within our disposal to ensure we provide the complete service available.

Cody Corporation can only provide our service for the assets we have located but we advise clients to still dig safely even if no assets have been located.

We also are not liability for any assets hit during excavation works.

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