2020 New Year, New Decade, New Equipment.

By Cody Corporation

Welcome to 2020 everyone and what a decade last year was.

Cody Corporation had an excellent 2019 and some of our biggest projects were undertaken last year, but 2020 is looking to be an even bigger year.

Last year we undertook some big install jobs and learnt a lot about our amazing customers and the jobs they do on a daily basis, these experiences allow us to move forward into 2020 with a greater understanding of how to better serve, support and supply our customers Australia wide.

Our Machine Control sector of the business last year was huge and some of the installs we undertook were massive, from our 3D Digpilot installations.

To our 2D Digpilot Installations

We have done so many installations over the last decade that we have an extensive knowledge base of how to overcome any problems, find the right solutions for any job and provide an amazing, reliable and supported solution within any budget.

2020 is gearing up to be another huge year and a massive start to the decade for Cody Corporation which means moving forward expect to see more updates about jobs we undertake and complete and the newest, biggest and best solutions we can provide for every facet of the construction industry.

Starting this year, we have a huge Weighing System installation job covering over 25 Machines all over South Australia. Weighing systems are a hot item right now which allows companies to alleviate the fines they may incur should overloading occur.

All our products and solutions we provide Cody Corporation 100% trusts and can support for many years this allows you to make your decisions in confidence that no matter what Cody Corporation will be behind you all the way providing up to date solutions, excellent customer service and quality technical support.

Whether its Machine Control Solutions, Survey GNSS / Robotic Solutions, Construction Lasers & Grade Lasers or just a question about how you can better overcome the problems your facing you can be sure that Cody Corporation in 2020 will be here to help.

Give us a call on 1300 755 309 or come into our Adelaide based showroom at 28 Islington Court, Dudley Park and have a chat with our solutions experts and see how Cody Corporation can make your new year and new decade a profitable one.

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