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3 Questions To Ask Before Purchasing New Survey Equipment

When you’re in the market for some new surveying equipment, whether it’s a Laser Level, GNSS Receiver, Laser Scanner, Total Station or Optical level there are 3 Questions to ask before purchasing new survey equipment to ensure what your looking at purchasing is what you need. 

With rapidly changing technology its hard to stay up to date with all the new features, which ones are necessary, and which are nice to have and which are a waste of time and the ever changing price points for these products.

These 3 fundamental questions will aid in your decision to purchase the right equipment for you and get the quickest return on your investment.

  1. How will this technology improve our workflow and operations?

How will this technology improve our workflow and operations?

When it comes to purchasing new technology and new survey equipment for your business its always important to understand how this new technology will assist in increase your productivity.

New technology that is built to increase productivity should be easy to learn, easy to use and quick to add value to your business. These are things that should be weighed up when looking into purchasing new equipment that you do not current have within your business.

Your Equipment Supplier should be able to easily walk you through these new pieces of technology, teaching you how to take advantage of the new features your new equipment will provide in real world scenarios

  1. How will this investment help your company grow and expand?

How will this investment help our company grow and expand?

Even the most impressive capabilities are meaningless if they don’t improve the success of your business. When it comes to purchasing new equipment relying on the technical expertise of your technology provider will aid in finding the right solutions you require.

Having the most expensive equipment is not always the answer, especially if the features you require are easily attainable from cheaper products.

Having an honest discussion with your equipment provider about what your looking to achieve will aid in making sure you get the right product at the right price without overspending and getting equipment that may be overkill for what you’re looking to achieve.

Having these kinds of discussions with your equipment supplier will aid in generating the results you are after and referring back to question 1 making sure the technology you are purchasing will aid in improving your workflow and operations

  1. What is involved in integrating this technology into our current operations, and will you assist us in this process?

What is involved in integrating this technology into our current operations, and will you assist us in this process?

When it comes to integrating your new equipment, you need to ask yourself and your equipment supplier about whether or not more software or products are required to integrate with your current systems.

Another thing that you need to consider is do you and your team require additional training to learn our new equipment.

These few extra pieces of training, upskilling or at worst case hiring of new staff to integrate your new equipment successfully is something that you should consider early before committing to new equipment.

Challenge your equipment provider to cover all the bases before you make your purchase so you can minimize surprises and maximize success.

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