5 Benefits of Onboard Weighing Systems

By Cody Corporation
Onboard Weighing System

5 Benefits of Onboard Weighing Systems

Onboard Weighing Systems are excellent for taking the guesswork out of Vehicle weighing and are becoming increasingly popular. This article we aim to break down how onboard weighing systems can save you time, make you money and keep your customers happy whilst completing your daily tasks.

When it comes to the biggest problems for business owners who manage stock it comes back to 2 main points. Overloading of Trucks / Trailers and the Stock Loss which entails overloading. If you are in the business of supplying loose solids then onboard weighing systems are hands down the best way to weigh your vehicles loads.

What is onboard weighing?

Onboard weighing systems come in various different formats but most come with the use of sensors mounted on the arms of the machines which trigger a Hydraulic Pressure test to occur which when installed and calibrated correctly allows you to determine the weight that is loaded into the bucket of the machine. One of the biggest benefits of Onboard Weighing Systems are its portability of the system being attached to the machine. No matter where you are you will be able to weigh your load enabling quick an seamless measurements.

This replaces the typical weigh bridge which is a static, expensive and huge structure which you may have seen, had before or thinking of getting. These weighbridges are very expensive as opposed to Onboard Weighing Systems which are vastly cheaper and much more durable and easier to calibrate.

How can an onboard weighing system benefit you?

When it comes to the benefits of a weighing system we have broken this down to 5 dot points.

1. Save time going back and forth to the truck scales

Onboard weighing systems remove the inconvenience of travelling back and forth to a weighbridge. Onboard weighing systems enable you to take a measurement anywhere anytime accurately and easily increasing your productivity and saving fuel costs on unnecessary travel everyday.

2. No more loss of unnecessary stock

Overloaded trucks are the biggest reason you are looking into an Onboard Weighing System, avoiding overloading fines whilst on the road which can be very expensive these days and pushed back onto the supplier via chain of responsibility. Managing your stock better enables you to maintain your stock more closely, avoiding overloading of trucks, trailers and more means you have more stock and therefore more to supply to other customers. This kind of close stock management enables you to make back the money you expended on a Weighing System relatively easy and in a short time.

3. Satisfied customers who get what they paid for

Onboard Weighing Systems take out the guess work and incorrect measurements for your customers. This gives your customers trust in your business and the knowledge that they get what they pay for.

4. Know how much weight your scoops really are worth

Counting scoops is not always an accurate form of measurement for your stock depending on weather conditions, moisture content and other variables of your material compaction. Onboard weighing systems allow you to know exactly what your scoops are worth and take away the guess work and estimation of your stock.

5. A worthy long term investment

The more money you save by avoiding overloading and stock loss enables you to pay off your Onboard Weighing System very quickly. With less waste material, loss of stock, saving fuel and expensive calibrations means your onboard weighing system is a great long term investment.

How can you get an onboard weighing system?

If these points have peaked your interest and you wish to get your own system installed to start saving you money then contact us today and we can discuss the best options for you and your customers and work towards saving you money today.




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