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2D and 3D Excavator Excavator guidance Systems

DigPilot provides all the information you need for accurate and efficient digging. Monitor your bucket teeth position with cm accuracy.

The system helps you dig precise grades, trenches and profiles, and it is so easy to install that you can do it yourself.

DigPilot 2D (without GPS/GNSS)

The DigPilot 2D enables you to do a widely varying range of excavation work without GPS/GNSS: Level, single or dual slopes, ditches and profiles. E.g. if you choose to cut a ditch, you will be guided as you set the width, depth, the slope of the ditch etc., and the ditch will be shown on the monitor in front of you.

You can reference heights by positioning the tip of the bucket on a benchmark, or use the arm sensor to register the height from a rotating laser.

Easy to upgrade to DigPilot 3D (with GPS/GNSS)

The DigPilot 2D can easily be upgraded to 3D with GPS/GNSS. This only requires the GPS itself and new software in the DigPilot computer. When using the DigPilot GPS software there is no need for a second control panel taking up space in your cab.

Read more about DigPilot 3D here.

Easy to install

With its wireless sensors, DigPilot is very easy to install. You need not be a qualified electrician, or connect up a lot of cables before the system can be started up. DigPilot has only one cable, to connect the power supply to the computer. Simply plug it into the cigarette lighter.

Easily moved from one machine to another

It takes only minutes to move DigPilot from one excavator to another. Simply attach a new set of brackets, and then you can move the sensors and computer
to another excavator.

Settings for 20 different excavators can be saved in the computer, each with 20 different buckets.

Easy to use

In developing DigPilot, great importance was attached to making it user friendly. This applies both to fitting and maintenance, and of course to what you see on the

There are large, explicit images in 2D and 3D, with clear details and accompanying text to guide you all the way. DigPilot is equally suitable for those without computer
experience and for experts.

Key features

  • The sensors will work for over 2 weeks after charging
  • Range between each sensor: Over 50m
  • PC with touch screen. Weight only 1.3kg
  • Transreflective screen technology makes it possible to see the screen even in sunshine.
  • Sound
  • Laser sensor integrated into the arm sensor
  • Compass integrated into the Pitch & Roll sensor
  • Sensor for articulated boom and tilting bucket (optional)

DigPilot 3D with GPS/GNSS

With DigPilot 3D installed on your excavator you get complete overview of the project you are working with. These are a some of the things you can do:

Make your own projects

With the GPS version you can make your own projects directly on the DigPilot. In this way you are not dependent on project files from a surveyor to make use of your GPS/GNSS. You can make ditches, slopes, profiles etc. like you do on the 2D version without GPS/GNSS. The advantage of the 3D version is that you can use the GPS/GNSS to determine the exact location of your project, and therefore you need not reference the height after moving the machine. Not to mention that you can make more complex projects such as building pits.

Reads LandXML directly

DigPilot also reads LandXML projects directly. If you have received your project as a LandXML file (.xml), you can load it directly onto the DigPilot from a USB stick.

LandXML is a non-proprietary data standard supported by many companies, and export to LandXML can therefore be made from most construction software.

Record your work

Another benefit of the GPS/GNSS version is that you can use it to record your work. By placing the bucket tip on appropriate points on the area you have just excavated and pressing a button on the screen, the coordinate points will be stored.

The coordinate points are stored in a file in which you for instance can add a comment for each coordinate point. The file can then be stored on a USB stick and read by other

3D graphics

With the GPS version you can view the excavator and the project in 3D. And with the single press of a button you can switch between 3D perspective view, 2D top view and 2D side view.

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