Emlid Reach RS2+ vs Orbit G970 Pro

By Cody Corporation
Emlid Reach RS2+

Emlid vs Orbit Test

Repeatability Test

Since our 2022 GNSS Study was such a hit and have since had requests to test other receivers we managed to get our hands on one of the increasingly popular Emlid Reach Rs2+ units.

So we decided to pit it against our own popular Orbit G970 Pro system to see the differences between the 2 units and where they fit in the market.

We tested the below attributes to determine where they will fit in their respective markets:

  • Northing & Easting Repeatability
  • Elevation Repeatability
  • Relative Market Place
  • Pricing Difference 


both units were tested on our GPS Pole under difficult conditions. Wedged between 2 buildings and tree cover the position for testing the accuracy is a simulation of real life locations. 

This puts strain on the GNSS Receivers and forces them to show their true nature. 


Benchmark Pole 

Name Latitude Longitude Ellipsoidal
AUSPOS 6137764.312 278793.578 10.638

Emlid Reach RS2+ Results

After setting up the Emlid Reach Rs2+ on our survey marker and taking 1002 points and averaging out the results gathered this is how the Emlid Performed.

Easting Difference Northing Difference N & E Diff Height Difference Total Difference
Emlid Reach RS2+ 278793.5684 -0.010 6137764.32 0.010 0.020 10.8699 0.2320 0.252

The Emlid performed as expected with the Northing and Easting difference not that bad in comparison to other GNSS Receivers on the market. It was the Elevation repeatability that is the issue for the Emlid. Having the worst Repeatability of any GNSS Receiver we have tested using this testing method. 

Orbit G970 Pro

We setup the Orbit G970 pro in the same position as the Emlid and took 1000 points and averaged out the results gathered, this is how the Orbit performed.

Orbit G970 Pro 278793.5790 0.001 6137764.320 0.008 0.009 10.6242 -0.014 0.023

 The cmparison between the Emlid and orbit isnt even a contest. With the Orbit outperforming the Emlid in Position and well and truly blowing it out of the water with its Elevation repeatability. 

The performance level of the Orbit G970 Pro outperformed the most expensive GNSS Receiver the Spectra Sp85 which shows the level of repeatability the Orbit can achieve. 


After undertaking the same test with both units the Orbit was the clear winner against the Emlid but surprisingly also competed exceptionally well against the other receivers we have tested previously. 


Emlid Reach Rs2+ 

The Emlid Reach RS2+ is a great Mapping receiver but that is about it. The price point of nearly $4000 AUD + GST is cheap in comparison to GNSS Receivers on the market but for its limited scope it is a bit on the excessive side.

If you are looking at purchasing an Emlid Reach RS2+ the questions to yourself should be: Am I going to be expanding my scope of works or is asset location all I will be doing?

There are many other alternative GNSS Receivers on the market which are within a similar price point that can and will provide you with usable elevation data unlike the Reach.

If you are looking to just locate assets then this is where the Emlid Reach RS2+ fits well and wins against most other GNSS Receivers on the market due to its affordable price point. But should you look to expand your offerings in the field you will quickly find the Emlid Reach RS2+ is not a suitable receiver and you will be up outlaying more money on a new system before you know it.

Orbit G970 Pro

The Orbit G970 pro + is a much more well rounded GNSS Receiver. Although its price point is twice as much as the Emlid device this is still half the amount of any other GNSS Receiver on the market and its results highlight it is capable of competing against the biggest brand names out in the field.

The orbit G970 Pro is the perfect choice for anyone doing GIS work as the Positional data is even more accurate than the Emlid coming in twice as good.

The biggest difference is the Height Data which is one of the best receivers we have tested coming in with a repeatability result of just 0.014 difference compared to the Emlid which had a huge 0.252 difference.

When it comes to purchasing a new receiver the Orbit G970 Pro is a better receiver than the Emlid across all fields and comes in quite a bit cheaper than the highest end Survey grade receivers which is more than competes with and in most cases out performs.



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