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Orbit C620
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Correction vs Non Correction Data

The Difference Between Correctio & Non Correction Data

We decided to put the Compact C620 Under a corrections test. This test was based around understanding how well the GNSS Receiver performed without  correction on a known point. 


Survey Mark

Below is the survey marker baseline.

Northing – 6137764.312

Easting – 278793.578

Elevation – 10.638


Tested GNSS Receiver

We tested the Orbit C620 Compact GNSS Receiver which is an excellent Rover Receiver.

How did the test go?

We took 100 points of Corrected and non Corrected data to give ourselves a stable baseline.

Below is the results of the data collected. 

Northing Northing Delta Easting Easting Delta Elevation
Survey Mark 6137764.312 278793.578 10.638
No Correction 6137764.652 -0.340 278794.374 -0.796 10.435 0.203
CodyRTK Corrected 6137764.313 -0.001 278793.582 -0.004 10.614 0.024

As you can see the data collected under no corrections is drastically different to the corrected data.

Surpringly though the non corrected data is still relatively accurate in comparison to other GNSS Receivers on the market.

The Orbit C620 is a excellent compact and affordable receiver that is highly accurate in all aspects especially in elevation.

The Orbit C620 outperforms alot of other receivers in Elevation repeatability and is at a price point that you find most GIS Receivers.


Other Tests

Want us to test something?

We here at Cody are always looking for new things to test. 

We are always looking to explain the differences between GNSS Receivers on the market and what each one does different to another. 

If you have a thing you wish us to test, a GNSS Receiver you are looking at buying and want to know more about or a full scale test or write up on the Receivers on the market.

Then message us and let us know what you want to see. 


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