Grade Laser Setup – Dual Plane Axis Alignment Guide

By accentu8

For lasers without automatic alignment system, follow these steps to correctly align the axis of your laser. This procedure should be followed, even for lasers that have gun sights or sighting scopes as they are never perfectly calibrated to the levelling mechanism of the laser.

1. Locate or place two benchmarks parallel to the slope of the project.

2. Place the laser transmitter over one benchmark and dial 0% slope on slope in both axis.
How to Grade with a Laser

3. Align the laser by sight, pointing in toward the second benchmark.

4. Place the staff on the second benchmark (the one you just sighted) and secure it to prevent movement. This can be achieved by either have a second person holding the staff or by using a bipod or similar staff holder…

5. Set your laser receiver on the staff so that it’s on grade with the laser, ensure the staff is plumb then lock it down. We’ll call this axis the Main Axis.

6. Dial the slope into the laser transmtter on the opposite axis to the axis you just aligned which we’ll call the cross axis. Leave the slope on the axis facing the detector at 0%. If the laser is aligned properly, the grade on the main axis will not change, and the detector will still have an on-grade signal.

7. If you do not have an on-grade signal, loosen the draw screw on the tripod and rotate the laser until the main axis indicates on-grade. The amount of rotation is going to be small and therefore care must be taken to align the beam accurately. To make this process easier and more accurate, a rotating locking base can be purchased that sits between the tripod and the laser. This allows accurate fine rotational adjustments to be made without disturbing the self levelling systems. Click the image above to find out more.

How to Grade with a Laser

8. Once your receiver displays an on-grade signal on the Main Axis your grade laser has been aligned to your site. You can now dial in the desired slopes and start work.

How to Grade with a Laser

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