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Railway Monitoring Solution

When it comes to monitoring critical rail infrastructure Move Solutions monitoring solutions are the easiest to install, understand and manage across all your rail infrastructure. 

With Level Crossing projects aplenty across Australia Move Solutions makes creating a monitoring plan easier than ever before. 


1 Platform for all your Sites

Move Solutions has the most intuitive monitoring platform across all competitors. Making it easier than ever to effectively monitor all of your sites at once. 

Create a new job in seconds

Quickly setup and move sensors from 1 site to another. Archive data for collection at later dates and download raw data or easy to understand graphs for easy interpretation.


Open Platform - Utilize all brands sensors

Move Solutions ensures their platform is open sourced allowing you to easily gather data using other brands sensors and have that data inside the 1 platform. This allows you to purchase all brands sensors and ensure you have the best monitoring solution available. 

What can you Monitor using Move Solutions?

The Move Platform Can Monitor Everything

Sensor Numbers Per Platform

Different Brand Sensors That Can Be Used

Number Of Projects per Platform

Sensors Per Gateway

How Does it All Work?

DECK Sensor

The Deck device is a wireless sensor that measures the dynamic amplitude of the displacement with an accuracy of 0.01 mm and the vibration frequency (through an FFT algorithm) of any structure on which it is applied.



The wireless Vibrometer is able to measure the velocity of the point where it is installed, providing a complete analysis of the frequency and amplitude of the vibrations.


Tilt Sensors

The Move Wireless Tiltmeter measures the angle of inclination of the point where it is installed with an incredible accuracy and resolutions. The device transmits the measured angle at regular time intervals. 

Tiltmeter 1


The Move Accelerometer SHM can measure the acceleration of the point where it is installed, on the three axes, with high resolution. All of these Accelerometers SHM can be perfectly synchronised with each other.

SHM Gateway

The SHM Gateway is a control unit for receiving and sending data with which, thanks to the wide-range communication protocol LoRaWAN, it is possible to manage and communicate with dozens of devices and sensors at the same time. 

Vibration Monitoring Gateway

Move Monitoring Platform

Move Solutions has a completely customizable Monitoring Platform. Wether its a single job you are looking to monitor or a series of level crossings and other projects you require remote monitoring on. Move Solutions will be able to customize the platform to suit your requirements.

Vibration Monitoring Gateway

Did you win a Level Crossing Project and looking for a Monitoring Solution? 

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