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Every Surveyor needs a high quality Total Station they can trust. Cody Corporation has a wide range of Total Stations which can provide you with the day in day out stability and durability you need. Read more about what we can offer you or watch our video for some of our range. 

How Have Total Stations Changed The Surveying Industry?

The development of Total Stations has markedly increased productivity in the surveying profession in the following ways.

First of all, improved accuracy: while co-ordinate measurements by the theodolite are done in the traditional way – trigonometry and triangulation – the angles are measured by means of electro-optical scanning to a high degree of accuracy – up to 0.5 arc-seconds. What’s more, a drawback of traditional theodolites is they require a line-of-sight between two points; now GPS technology can be used by a Total Station to include unseen points in the survey.

Some key points to keep in mind when shopping for a Total Station are as follows. 



Do i need a Two-Man Reflectorless Total Station or a One-Man Robotic Total Station?


What accuracy am i going to be measuring to? 10 Arc Second, 5 Arc Second, 2 Arc Second or 1 Arc Second?


How much Support am i going to receive, On-site and over the Phone?


What software will i be using with my Total Station?

What Brands Do you sell?

at Cody Corporation we sell a few different brands, the flexability we have allows us to be able to make sure we find the correct Total Station for you, within your budget and with the right software you require. 

Some of the Brands we sell are listed below. 

Spectra Precision Total Stations, Geomax Total Stations and Nikon Total Stations. 

For more information on each of these brands and to see specific models which may be what your needing click below to talk to us and see what the best system for you is.

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