AndroTec Metor 60 Receiver

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New Technology. Ultimate Performance.

AndroTec Metor 60 Receiver

The AndroTec Metor 60 receiver is Universal. Robust. Fast.

Twice as good.

Metor 60 receiver is universal. It receives rotation Red and Green Beam lasers.

Metor 60 displays mm height on the screen at 1mm increments.

Metor 60 is extremely fast. The line detection is the fastest on the market.

Metor 60 is strong. Two powerful neodymium magnets provide a good hold on any metal profile.

Metor 60 is robust. The rubber over mold protects the receiver when accidentally dropped and the case is absolutely waterproof.

Metor 60 is user friendly. Front and rear displays with a high contrast guarantee quick and easy readable measurement results.

Metor 60 is convenient. Thanks to the compact physical dimensions and the low weight it fits in every shirt pocket.

Metor 60 is persistent. It reaches an operating time of over 50 hours with only one type AA battery.

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