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This product is obsolete and no longer available.

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This product is obsolete and no longer available.

Multi-frequency & multi-constellation GNSS receiver
The ProMark 800 rover and rover/base system, with its 120 channels, offer L1/L2/L5 GPS+GLONASS+GALILEO field-proven technologies for surveying and geodesy. This is a powerful RTK survey solution delivering precise GNSS positioning in a smart, rugged, cable-free and flexible design.

Advanced Z-Blade Technology
The new Z-Blade GNSS Centric technology optimally uses GNSS signals and takes advantage of each GNSS constellation to deliver fast and stable RTK positions, even when GPS coverage is insufficient, like in dense urban canyons or heavy tree canopy. Not like all GNSS receivers which prioritize GPS satellite signals over signals from other constellations, ProMark 800 with Z-Blade is no longer GPS dependent (requiring a minimum of 4 to 5 GPS satellites) to acquire and maintain precise positioning. Z-Blade GNSS Centric algorithm treats equally all available satellite signals and then combines them for optimal performance.

    Fully independent GNSS satellites tracking and processing Fully independent code and phase measurements Quick signal detection engines for fast acquisition and re-acquisition of GNSS signals Advanced multi-path mitigation Use of SBAS and GLONASS ranging signals to strengthen the GPS solution Extended solution reliability in urban canyon and under tree canopy

The mix of exceptional RTK performance and compact design makes the ProMark 800 an extremely powerful and appealing RTK solution for demanding professional land surveyors. Waterproof, shock resistant, cable free, leightweight, and with long battery life, the ProMark 800 offers all-day operations in any environmental conditions.

All-in-one Flexibility
ProMark 800 includes extended wireless network communications modules, for maximum mobility and flexibility in the field. An RTC bridge function enables a network-connected ProMark 800 rover to rebroadcast RTK corrections to multiple rovers.

    UHF and GSM/GPRS/3.5G built-in communication modules Multiple operating modes and configurations Extended support of protocols and data formats

Feature-rich Surveying Solution
ProMark 800 offer includes field and office software as well as data collectors choice to ensure you get a robust, ready-to-use, cable free RTK rover solution.

FAST Survey

    • field software simplifies data collection and real-time operation.

GNSS Solutions

    office software provides powerful support to a wide range of applications. Real Time Data Server Software (RTDS) is a software offering land surveying companies the possibility of using GNSS equipment to build their own Direct IP RTK corrections server.

PLEASE NOTE : This product supersedes the ProMark 500.

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