Avongard Displacement Tell Tale Crack Monitor

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When you receive your Avongard Tell-Tales or other products they include one Crack Monitoring Record on the reverse side of the instruction sheet. If you require additional sheets for longer term monitoring, you can download these here:


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The Avongard Displacement Tell-Tale monitors horizontal and displacement movement where there is a “step” across a crack due to displacement or out of plane movement.

The Tell-Tale consists of three components. A base plate (not calibrated) a top plate (which is calibrated) and a graduated ruler. The ruler is not left on the gauge but is used to measure the relative movement in the two plates.

  • Calibrated in millimetres
  • Displacement monitoring range of 110mm
  • Horizontal monitoring range of -10mm to +50mm
  • Fix using Screws and Adhesive (not included but available as accessories)
  • Supplied with full instructions and Crack Record Sheet

Displacement Tell-Tale

Fixing the Tell-Tale

The base plate and horizontal scale are fixed using screws and adhesive each side of the crack to be monitored.

Displacement Tell-Tale

Monitoring Crack Movement

By inserting the graduated ruler, the horizontal and displacement positions can be read and marked on the crack record sheet supplied. The movement of the crack can then be monitored over time.

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