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Bear 360 Prism Set

$660.00 + GST

Large 360 Degree Prism Leica Alternative

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Bear 360 Prism Specification

The high performance 360 Prism allows connectivity to the Leica Smart Antenna. The built-in point allows the reflector to be positioned directly on a survey mark, at a height of 78mm. Overall 3D pointing accuracy is 2.0mm. ATR range of 600m.

This Bear 360 Prism has a overall 3D Pointing Accuracy of 5MM, Which can extend to better then 2mm When aiming on a side marked with a yellow arrow. The 360 Degree Prism is compatible with all robotic TPS Work performed with a survey pole.

The reflector has six joined corner cube prisms, allowing the measuring beam to reflect back to the source from all positions. Leica style female bayonet Includes 5/8 x 11 to Leica style male adaptor bayonet (B-LAM) to fit conventional male 5/8 x 11 prism poles

  • Offset =+13mm
  • Range 1200m approximately
  • Rubberised for protection
  • includes: carry bag, Height = 123mm, Weight = 610g

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Bear Prism as a Alternative to Leica GRZ4

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