Bear Cub-2 Mini Prism Kit

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Includes 25mm diameter prism, 0 or -30mm offset Comes with point, 40mm reflective target, 5/8 x 11 adapter, barber pole & carry bag with belt loop Using thin red & white plates the Cub slides up and down Can be attached to prism poles or 1m anodised pole Adjustable bubble, Female 5/8 x 11″ thread adapter.

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Bear Cub-2 Mini Prism Kit

The Bear Cub-2 Mini Prism Kit includes the following:


      • 25mm diameter prism
      • 0 or -30mm offset
      • 5/8 x 11 adapter
      • Carry bade
      • Adjustable bubble & Female 5/8 x 11″ thread in base

Optional Pole Set (B-POLESET)

      • 1m aluminium anodised pole with female & male 5/8 x 11″ threads
      • 2 x 60cm red and white poles with hook and point for hanging CUB system
      • Includes heavy duty carry bag

How to use (B-POLESET)

    • The red and white poles slide through the middle of the CUB prism and are clamped into position with a locking knob in CUB.


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