Bear Triple Prism Holder

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    Tiltable though an angle of +/- 360 degrees Prism offset is -30mm or 0mm 5/8 x 11 prism pole adapter on end to attach to standard prism pole or tribrach adapter

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Bear Triple Prism Holder SPECIFICATIONS

Below are the specifications for the Bear Triple Prism Holder

    • Prism offset: -30mm or 0mm
    • Tilting: Yes,+/- 360 degrees
    • Thread: 5/8 x 11” female thread base
    • Weight: 475 gm

Tiltable though an angle of +/- 360 degrees, this prism holder can facilitate the use of 3 standard prisms with either a 0 or 30mm offset location. The base features a 5/8 x 11′ female thread suitable for connecting to either a prism pole or slotting into a tribrach adaptor for topographical surveys.




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