Cody RTK Network

CodyRYK – Less costly NTRIP solution

CodyRTK is an NTRIP Caster that allows anyone, from a hobbyist with a single device to large GPS – GNSS network operator with hundreds of devices, to quickly set up and run a caster network delivering GNSS corrections to a user community.   [We use the term GNSS to imply GPSGLONASS, and other satellite navigation systems now deploying such as BeiDou and Galileo]

CodyRTK provides the means to send local corrections to users of GNSS so they can increase the accuracy they obtain.   You can gather local corrections from several sources, including your own devices, and build up a custom network.  CodyRTK uses open industry standards to deliver correctional data from many “reference” GNSS stations placed in well known fixed locations.  The GNSS devices in the field, called “rovers” use these corrections to reduce errors in their positional measurements by 100-fold!  Even low cost devices which are already using the satellite SBAS corrections with non-RTK filters see marked improvements which then allow them to maintain sub meter accuracy levels.

CodyRTK is one part of the growing Australian RTK revolution which is providing high accuracy centimetre results with low cost positioning equipment.  Welcome to the sub-meter club.  This solution has applications in broad new marketplaces including automotive safety (not simple navigation but the more critical Vehicle-to-Vehicle safety), remote precise drone control, traditional precision agriculture, coordinated field teams from traditional survey crew work to tactical search and rescue, and in almost all business and consumer applications where centimetre or decimetre accuracy and repeatability is desired.


Land monitoring, building and setting out are amongst the many types of surveying that CodyRTK is used for. With faster initialisation and without the need for a base station and another pair of hands, you’re able to save time, money and complete more jobs during the working day. CodyRTK also has applications with civil engineering setout and as-built verifications. We can help boost your productivity without breaking your budget.


CodyRTK is used for machine control on construction sites. It increases accuracy of work performed, reduces operator error, cuts fuel use and requires fewer skilled staff. The constant reference ensures contractors are operating on the same system, decreasing the likelihood of transformation errors.


When used for the precise positioning of farm machinery, CodyRTK increases efficiencies and optimises yields throughout the complete crop cycle of planting, spraying, harvesting and cultivation. For example: you can plan manage seed sowing more precisely, resulting in less waste and reduced costs. It also allows drivers to continue to work reliably and accurately in low light conditions.


The energy and infrastructure sector uses CodyRTK to map buried services precisely, saving relocation time and enabling repairs to be carried out quickly and efficiently. The data can be made available to all users with a common coordinate reference system. Government departments, agencies and local councils manage assets with accurate geo referenced images. A CodyRTK subscription service can be data based for tight asset position control.

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