Harxon Ruggedized Antenna HX-CVX600A

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Harxon Ruggedized Antenna HX-CVX600A

Reliable and Ruggedized with Millimeter Accuracy


Harxon HX-CVX600A GNSS antenna is designed with ruggedized enclosure that allows the antenna to be used in high shock and vibration environments. HX-CVX600A could provide the millimeter level accuracy with the advanced filtering capabilities and robust signal tracking. It is ideal for all surveying and I-construction machining applications.

Key Features

Reliable and Durable with Millimeter Accuracy
HX-CVX600A is designed with rugged enclosure and it could provide millimeter level accuracy with advanced filtering capabilities and robust signal tracking.

Consistent Performance Across Full Frequency Bands
HX-CVX600A offers full support for reliable and consistent satellite signals tracking. Additionally, it exhibits very stable phase center variation with advanced multipoint feeding technology and high gain with ultralow signal loss.

Ruggedized Enclosure for Tough Environments
HX-CVX600A has a compact design, and is built into a rugged IP69K rating housing with independent aerodynamic enclosure. Standard TNC female connector with anti-collision cap design ensures optimal reliability in challenging environments.

Strong Anti-interference Performance
HX-CVX600A antenna equips a robust pre-filtered LNA to minimize de-sensing from high level out-of-band signals, and restraints possible electromagnetic interferences.

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