Bear Tripod Flat Heavy Duty Aluminium

$140.00 + GST

Heavy Duty Aluminium Tripod with a flat head and dual locking clamps (Quick release and thumb release screw locks) for added security. Height of tripod with legs fully extended is 1620mm .Height of tripod with legs closed is 1040mm. Comes with Strap for holding legs closed and easy carrying.

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Overview for the Bear Scientific Flat Head Aluminium Tripod with Dual Clamps (A-B-HD-F)

The Bear Aluminium Tripod with dual locking clamps has a sturdy build suitable for construction conditions. Yet the tripod is lightweight, at only 3.72 kg, and easy to transport, especially with the shoulder strap included.

Each of the tripod’s three telescopic legs has specially designed metallic feet, with points that offer a stable tripod on wet, soft, hard and uneven ground.

With a 600mm metre height range, the Bear tripod starts at 1.04 m with the legs collapsed, and reaches 1.62 metres with all three legs fully extended. You will be able to lock the legs firmly in position with the quick clamps featured on the Bear Aluminium Tripod and securely lock them down with the included thumb screws for extra protection of your instrument.

Use your Bear tripod’s flat head to hold optical levels, lasers and other surveying and construction equipment that use a 5/8-inch x 11 thread.

The Bear Aluminium Dual Clamp Tripod A-B-HD-F comes with green trim (Sokkia Green). Tripod comes with a 1-year parts warranty against manufacturing defects.

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