Latec Dual Laser Control System with Millimetre Offset

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The Latec Dual Laser Control System is designed to let you achieve maximum control of your grading system, at a very friendly price. The four configurations of the EG series are versatile and can be installed on a number of machines including box blades, box scrapers, graders, mini-graders and skid steers.

The system controls most valve packages, giving the user both LED and a real-time LCD display so you are always in touch with the blade position.

The EG Series receivers can detect any rotating red beam laser with itts 173mm (7″) capture range, and in turn indicates the blade position to within a 2mm accuracy.

The receiver has LED indicator lights that give the same output as the control box LED indicators. So whether you’re standing on the field , or driving the machine you’ll always know where your blade needs to be. The control box allows the user to configure the display to indicated variances from the on grade position in real-time. The Receiver is able to attach to a 45mm (1 3/4 Inch) standard pipe. The complete system requires 10-30 VDC to operate.

Latec Dual Laser Control System Includes

The system comes with everything you need to perform a fully operating control system (valve excluded):

1 x EG3-L Control Box with 1/2in Ram mount and with bracket

2 x 360 Degree Receivers

2 x Receiver Coil Cords

1 x Junction / Node / Breakout Box with Cable

1 x Fused Power Cable

1 x Dual Valve Cable (suit PT, PC, PV & SCV)

System is also compatible with Apache Bullseye Receivers, Topcon LS-B Receivers and Spectra LR receivers. Please contact us for more information.

Model Summary

EG1 Single EG2-L

Single Laser


Laser + Slope


Dual Laser


Dual Laser + Slope

Receiver Weight 908g
Receiver Size 375mm Height x 65mm Diameter (175mm Receiving Range)
Receiver Inputs 1 2
Control Box Weight 454g 1542g
Control Box Size 190 x 130 x 50 190 x 130 x 75 (mm)
Accuracy 1-30mm Adjustable
Receiver Capture Height 175mm
Weather Proof Enclosure (IP57) Yes
Weather Proof Military Connectors Yes
Adjustable Ongrade Offset Yes
LCD Display Screen Yes
LED Valve Indicator Lights Yes
LED Receiver Indicator Lights Yes
LED Brightness Control Yes
Remote Switch (Optional) Raise/Lower – Auto/Manual 2 x Raise/Lower – Auto/Manual
Operation Voltage Range 9-30 V DC
Number of Valve Drives 1 2
Valve Drive Proporational Time Proportional Current 50Hz / 100Hz / 200Hz, Proportional Time, Danfoss, PCV
Indicates Grade +6% to -6% @ 0.5% Steps Yes Yes
Control Grade +25% to -25% @ 0.10% Steps Yes Yes
Software Adjustable Filtering Yes Yes



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