Level Best Para Level System

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The Level Best PL Series is our most popular laser grading boxes made specifically to work with skid steer loaders. It is simple, durable and highly accurate, providing an extremely smooth finished grade.

The Para-Level Series is the finest high performance grading system of any kind available for skid steer loaders. Achieve flatter, more consistent grades while accelerating your fine-grading projects. There is nothing else like it.

The unique frame design gives operators exceptional control, efficiency and smoothness, and eliminates the “bounce” effects inherent in the short wheelbase of skid steer loaders. At the same time, we designed the best selling Level Best PL Series to take advantage of the push-pull directional work style of skid steer loaders for maximum production.

The modular hydraulic valve design not only gives you remarkable smooth grading performance, but also lets you start with a single mast laser system, then upgrade to a dual mast system with minimal expense when you’re ready.

How a Level Best Works

A rotating laser is set for a desired grade. The rotating beam of laser light is read by the laser receiver which is mounted on the mast pole. The beam’s location is sent to the control panel which interprets where the beam of light is, in relation to grade. The control panel then tells the hydraulic valve to adjust the grading box up, or down, to keep the receiver on grade. This same sequence happens many times a second.

Features of a Level Best System

  • Three available widths: 72″, 84″, 96″
  • Push-pull design grades moving forward or in reverse
  • Reversible cutting edge on all sides
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Foam-filled tires on oscillating axle
  • Universal mount skid steer compatible
  • Single mast units easily upgraded to dual mast

Level Best Specifications

Models Width Front Capacity Rear Capacity Weight
PL72D 72″ 11.5 ft3 7.0 ft3 1990 lbs.
PL84D 84″ 13.4 ft3 8.0 ft3 2050 lbs.
PL96D 96″ 15.3 ft3 9.0 ft3 2110 lbs.

 About Level Best

Level Best is the world’s leading manufacturer of laser grading attachments. They are unequalled for creating highly precise finish grades for site preparation and maintenance. Level Best laser grading equipment is made in the USA to exceptionally high quality standards, and offers the broadest selection of any equipment of its type.


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