Markrite BKS101 Ruled Field Book

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Markrite 200 x 125 mm top opening hard cover lined book with 2 rulled verticals lines. Completely waterproof and tear resistant with 80 synthetic paper leaves & a polypropylene cover.

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This is a hard covered, heavy paper field book (200 x 125mm – 80 pages).  It has ruled lines and has a top bind (it is top opening). It is made in Australia all hard cover Markrite books are printed on fine 50% cotton rag paper.  Cotton based rag paper is stronger and much more water resistant than traditional wood pulp based paper that is used in regular books. It’s high cotton content gives high tear resistance and exceptional strength when wet. This strength and it’s writing surface is retained when dried after having been subjected to adverse weather conditions.

All sections are sewn with rot proof thread and bound in an excellent PVC Cover material which is not only weatherproof but is also tough and long lasting. Being casemade the covers can be folded back flat without damage to the binding.

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