Markrite BKS110 Spiral Bound Ruled Book

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Markrite 150 x 100 mm top opening spiral bound book, ruled and printed on one side. Completely waterproof and tear resistant with 50 synthetic paper leaves & a polypropylene cover.

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The BKS110 is a spiral bound top opening, Australian made, waterproof notebook.  It is ideal for working out in the rain, or in areas such as waterways or coastal areas.  The paper used in this book is synthetic thus making it both waterproof and tear proof.

It measures 100mm x 150mm and is pocket sized.  It has 50 leaves of waterproof paper and can survive being completely immersed in water.  It has a red polypropylene cover.  It has 6mm horizontal ruled lines for note taking.

This notebook is designed for working in wet and dirty environments.  The paper is completely waterproof and is strong enough to withstand inadvertent tears or rips. Ideal for field work.

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