MOBA 3D MATIC Levelling System



Moba 3D Matic High Performance Grade and Slope Control

With the MOBA 3D Matic machine control system, dozers achieve highly precise results. This machine control system is easy to operate and use. The work process is accelerated, making surveying work and manual control measurements are no longer necessary. Data can be sent directly from the office to the system, then implemented.

On the well-organised 7 inch touch-screen display, the driver sees the actual position and the derivation to the digital model. If no project data is available, simple profiles can also be created with the system.

Use with total station: precise levelling is possible even where there is no satellite reception (i.e. in tunnels, as only visual contact from the prism to the total station is ensured). With the total station, the system achieves maximum accuracy in the millimetre range.

Use with GNSS sensor: precise levelling is possible even without visual contact, and in all weather conditions. There are no restrictions, since the machine can be flexibly moved in difficult terrain.



The Moba 3D Matic strengths lies in its simple and user-friendly way of creating 3D models in the field. It understands how to make the complexity of 3D models easy to understand and at the same time is packaged in a user-friendly design. Exactly working on specifications without manual control measurements speeds up your project completion many times over. In addition to considerable time and fuel savings, you also increase occupational safety on the construction site, as the machine operator no longer has to leave his cab.


As an add-on levelling system for graders, tracks or blades, it is the perfect upgrade for any type of machine and can be retrofitted at any time. MOBA’s many years of expertise in levelling technologies will pay off for you, too. Thanks to an exceptional range of compatible sensors and CANbus-based communication, the modular system can be adapted to your individual requirements at any time. Choose between a GNSS antenna or a total station with prism for your personal project.  An investment in the Moba 3D Matic is therefore an investment in your profitability.

  • EASY TO OPERATE – While the rugged 7“ touchscreen colour display is optimised for a use in harsh conditions, the software was specialised for a particularly user-friendly handling. As such, the split screen mode for example allows the operator to have different values in just one overview.
  • OPEN DATA FORMATS – 3D Terrain models can be easily imported or created on the machine itself.
  • 3D MEASURING – High-precision 3D sensors (GNSS antenna or prism with total station) that can calculate design deviations in real time. The components provide optimal performance as they are industry proven.



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